Dyno Testing -Test your front or rear wheel drive car or truck so that you know the gains you make with each performance upgrade. Bring your car or truck in before you modify or tune it to get a baseline -- bring it in after and see if the changes were worth the money or live up to the manufacturer's claims. We often see very expensive modifications and performance parts produce little or no power gain. You will receive graphs of your HP and Torque over your choice of Speed, Engine RPM or Time. We save all your runs so you can utilize them down the road for future comparison at later testing and tuning sessions. Before you purchase your next performance vehicle, take the ultimate test drive on our Dynojet Dynamometer and make sure it performs as claimed by the previous owner.

Dyno Tuning - Get the most out of your existing setup. Adjust and tune your vehicle to it's unique potential. You may be able to reach your performance goal without spending more on additional parts or modifications. Adjust fuel delivery, timing, boost, nitrous and more for optimum power and/or economy.  Most people are surprised by how much additional power can be found through tuning. Improved drivability is achieved!    


Custom Tuning of:

JS engine

  • ACCEL/DFI and SPEED-PRO                              

  • Tec (Electomotive)

  • Motec

  • Diablo Sport                

  • Greddy E-manage         

  • Apex~i SAFC             

  • F.A.S.T.                                                                                

  • Carburetors

  • Superchips                 



Wide Band O2 Testing--Take the guesswork out of fueling adjustments with real time Air/Fuel Ratio monitoring. The Air/Fuel Ratio graph will show a rich or lean condition at against the RPM range during the Dyno run.

Installations--We can install Turbocharger kits, Supercharger kits, Performance Clutches, Tuning Computers and Nitrous Kits. We can also do your rear ends and Manual transmissions.

Racers--Eliminate costly track practice time and surprises during the racing season. Test and tune before you hit the track. Test all the areas that represent a potential power loss, make the necessary adjustments while it's on the Dyno and test it again. Our Dynojet measures the difference and verifies when it's just right. Next time, know what you've got before you get to the track.

General--Service by appointment only. Discount and rebate programs available to Clubs and Performance Shops.

Cryogenics--Cryogenically treating your motor vehicle parts has many benefits! You will see an increase in part life, less wear on expensive racing parts and improved performance. We are working together with the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. ( Parts that can be treated are brake and rotors, engines, transmissions, axel/wheel bearings and rear ends.

Carburetors--Along with tuning  to get peak performance for customers with fuel-injected motors, we also specialize in tuning your carbureted motors! Classic cars are here to stay, but sometimes tuning them can be a little tricky! We have years of experience in tuning and rebuilding carburetors and you will be sure to get the power you are looking for!


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